Monday, May 3, 2010

Newsletter 27

Good Morning sweet Owls,

We had another wonderful week in the Owl room. We worked on our "special projects" We read many spring books. Everyone is sitting and listening on the couches. Yeah!! We are getting ready to be Blue Birds. We also sang many of the songs we sang all year. We love to sing. The garden center was open and we dug in the dirt. In chapel we rode a scooter straight to Jesus. What a fun week we had in the Owl Room.

Starting this week send your little owls to class in a swim suit. We love the water and everyone is getting soaked. We will have some extra fun water activities to enjoy the last three weeks of school. Wear your swim suit to school with a cover up and bring a change of clothes and a towel. I will clean them up in time to go home. Please put sun screen on them at home we are not to put on sun screen at school. Remember the mosquito's are coming out also.

I am looking forward to the last three weeks of school. We will be exploring SUMMER fun to celebrate.

I did not post new pictures because all the cool stuff we did is a secrete.

Have a great week.
With Love,
Ms. Tracee

Friday, April 23, 2010

Newsletter 26

Hello precious owls~

I hope everyone is doing well. We had a wonderful week in the owl class talking about spring and growing. We played in our beans and garden center. We colored with markers and spring stickers. As we experiment with these items we talk about the stickers and colors and it is awesome for fine motor development. We also painted with water bottles and made flower prints. This was great fun. We played with the parachute in chapel while we talked about how God calmed the sea. We had a wonderful week playing outside. We love this weather.

I look forward to next week we are going to make a "secret project"

Have a great week and remember to bring extra clothes.

I have a few pictures. Check them out.

With Love,
Ms. Tracee

Monday, April 19, 2010

Newsletter 25

Hello Owls~

We had a fun week in the owl class. We opened a Flower shop in the Dramatic Play center. Complete with dirt, bugs, gardening gloves and flowers. We loved playing in the new center. Now that we are getting older it is time to explore some new types of play. We still had our bowls of beans. We scooped and poured. SO Fun!! We sponge painted a butterfly and we had fun playing with our coffee filter butterflies. Fly, Fly Butterfly. We read the Hungry Caterpillar. It was fun to munch all the food. Outside we had tons of paint brushes and we painted the play structure with water. We also played in shaving cream. Outside play is so fun in the warmer weather.

I look forward to next week ~ we will be exploring flowers and growing things.

Have a wonderful week. Enjoy the new pictures.

With Love~
Mrs. Tracee

Monday, April 12, 2010

Newsletter 24

Hello Sweet Owls,

We had a wonderful week in the owl class. We talked about Ducks Quack, Quack. We sang 5 Little Ducks and read Little Ducks Waddle. We painted ducks yellow and put feathers on them. Ducks have feathers. We experimented with glue by gluing ducks on a paper. So Fun. We played with the ducks in the water. We LOVE this. Outside we played in the bird seed and bubble water. We painted butterflies and enjoyed the weather. At chapel we walked our little sheep like Jesus. We had a great week in the owl class.

I look forward to this week we will explore butterflies.

I have a few pictures, check them out.

With Love,
Ms. Tracee :0)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Newsletter 23

Happy Easter Sweet Owls~

I hope a great Easter was had by all. We had a wonderful week in the owl room. We explored Easter by reading Corduroy's Easter, and Tenn Little Bunnies. We played in the Easter Confetti and put colored eggs in the egg carton while talking about colors and using the words open, shut. We had an Easter Egg Hunt, a few friends were not sure in the beginning but got the hang of it. What FUN!! We went to the Spring Fling and had a great time, we caught butterflies, put ants in an ant hill and even made our own Resurrection eggs. We had wonderful Easter Snacks and a great time playing outside in the beautiful weather.

I look forward to this week we will continue to talk about Spring and we will be focusing on ducks.

Have a wonderful week.
With Love,
Ms. Tracee

Friday, March 26, 2010

Newsletter 22

Hello Sweet Owls~

It is so nice outside and we enjoyed talking about Easter and spring in our class this week. We played with the Easter confetti and egg bunnies and ducks in the sensory tables, we water painted an Easter egg, and we put stickers on a cross to work on fine motor skills and team work. We read 10 Bunnies and found the mystery bunnies in my bag. We counted and recounted all the bunnies. In chapel we rode Jesus donkey and waived palm branches. We loved this. We went to motor movement and jump inside and outside the hula hoops. Among all of this we had our picture made. We got a good one of each of my owls. So sweet.

With the nice weather the water tables are out and the water fountain is on again so please bring extra clothes even socks for those owls who love water play.(everyone)

Next week will be an exciting week while we celebrate Jesus Resurrection.

Activities for next week~

TUESDAY 10:00 Easter egg hunt
10:15-10:45 Spring Fling
10:45 snack

WEDNESDAY 9:30 Easter Egg Hunt
9:45-10:15 Spring Fling
10:15 snack

THURSDAY 10:30 Easter Egg Hunt
10:45-11:15 Spring Fling
11:15 snack

Parents are welcome but not required. I realize it might be your only 3 hours of the week.

It was good getting back to school. Have a great weekend.

Ms. Tracee :0)

Friday, March 5, 2010

newsletter 21

Hello Sweet Owls. EVERYONE loved exploring things that go. In the sensory table we played with boats and levers. We read the book Things That Go and many more books about trucks, trains and automobiles. We all wanted to read this week and everyone came to the couches when it was story time. We sang "The Wheels on the Bus" We painted with cars and went outside to roll big cars down the slide. We loved this. We also wrote with markers and car stickers. We also sorted with the color bowes. We are really working on our colors and colors that are alike. We loved the bike rally. We rode our bikes and explored all the pinwheels and flags around the rode. What a wonderful week.
I look forward to next week when we explore more things that go even things in space.

Check out the new pictures.I am still working with my new camera so Thursday owls please forgive me my camera died after the road rally. We had a wonderful week.

With Love,
Ms. Tracee :))